Let's Mend Our Relationship With Time. Befriend Time.

Wild Presence Year-Long Is Coaching + Collective Care To

Repair Dominator Culture's Colonization Of Time

Let's Repair Our Relationship With Time. Befriend Time.

Wild Presence Year-Long Is Coaching + Collective Care To

Dismantle Dominator Culture's Colonization Of Time

For Edgewalkers. Culturemakers. Executives. Entrepreneurs. Leaders. writers, Politicians. Activists.

For Edgewalkers. Changemakers. Executives. Entrepreneurs. Leaders. Healers. Coaches. Empaths.

Artists. Politicians. Activists.


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On the Other Side of Rest is Flow

Cultivate Your Wild Presence

We need you to embody and grow your regenerative work in the world… without burning out or exploiting yourself.

But how do we make miracles and get epic shit done without reproducing systems of brutal productivity on ourselves or our people?

Root into the daily rituals initiated leaders cultivate to exponentially grow their impact without exhausting their relationships.

Busy is a state of

disconnection, depletion, disrepair.

Let's drop that shit.


(They, We, She)

✨ Decolonial Time Mender ✨

I know the consequences of when we go-go-go...

I know all too well what it means to girlboss too close to the sun and crash because of it.

...and I know what’s possible when we give ourselves Time and Space for Rest

Hola! I'm Ixchel (sounds like ee-shell)

Glad you're here. Here's a bit about my journey. I'm the founder of the J.E.D.I. Time Collective, and I'm a Queer Mestize (Mixed Indigenous), Nueroemergent, WebDeva (25+ years) and author of Buzzing Blooms for Bees.

We're weaving Anti-Racist Decolonial Feminist business strategies (this is NOT white woman feminism) alongside neuroscience to train leaders to decolonize and reclaim your time, skip the crash and liberate your Flow…

I come to our work together from the intersection of on-the-ground organizing and political work; from deep training in ancestral spiritual practices and plant medicine; and from 35+ years of consciousness exploration. For nearly 3 decades I’ve committed myself to social justice work, organizing for communities of culture and serving in local politics.

• I was the first Latine Vice-Mayor of my city, I learned to become comfortable being a first and only in the room, taking the opportunity to hold the door for more BIPOC leaders to enter.

• With decades of tech experience as a web deva and political activist and organizer, I co-founded the Tech and Telecomm Committee for my city.

• Between 2009-2013 I was appointed to serve on two San Francisco Bay Area government boards where I enacted progressive social and environmental policy for approximately 11 million people, including shifting stigma to sway my colleagues on the Board of Directors to fund the suicide net for the Golden Gate Bridge.

• In 2011-12, I even ran for congress.

Ixchel is a business and leadership strategist who bridges the edgy world of politics and business with the spirit realm: where we come from, and where we need to tap into in order to be the INITIATED LEADERS we can be.

If you’re ready to take a step back and look at what your ELEMENTAL FLOW is (and what distracts you, and what you need to let go of, and what you need to claim)…

and leave behind unsustainable patterns, and other stuff you subconsciously do to sabotage yourself and lessen the impact you make…

as well as healing the trauma and fatigue that comes from being a leader and trailblazer in a world that moves quickly (too quickly some times)…

Ixchel will offer you the sacred space, wisdom and tangible rituals to guide you to flow states – so you can go out into the world, making your biggest impact no longer tapped out and scattered, but filled with renewed energy, deep focus and JOY.”



Let's ensure we bring your new,

emergent, magical and just

ways of being into the world

without burnout or losing momentum.

Your Medicine for Time Scarcity

Wild Presence is process of re-indigenizing, re/membering, and repairing our relationship with animal and planet as kin, the Earth.

It's a process of slowing down and dismantling the characteristics of white supremacy culture that dominate our bodies and destroy our indigenous ways of being in relationship.

Relationship with the land, your body, people and the Cosmos

So we can listen with senses renewed

So we can make sense of the patterns that have held us back

So we can tend to ourselves and our people

Support the Wild Presence Move

I'm moving to Oaxaca on May 21st. My dogs must go by land because plane travel can be fatal. But it costs $5000 to move them by van over 4 countries. Please help our fur babies get to Oaxaca safely. Thank you!

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